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Meet the Artist

Meet the Artist


Sunday, December 5


6:00pm - 7:00pm



Tickets Available



Fenway Hotel

453 Edgewater Drive

Dunedin, FL 34698

Event Information

Nathan Beard is currently displaying a selection of his works at the Fenway Hotel.  Come and listen to Nathan describe his artist process while enjoying some sparkling wine and Chef Eric’s Ceviche – created to pair with Nathan’s sound wave exhibit at the hotel!

About Nathan: Artist Nathan Beard is obsessed with patterns of connection, an obsession born during his exchange year in 1996 Cairo, and in stark contrast to his dairy-farm upbringing in Eden, NY. At Colorado State University, Nathan learned about the golden spiral and fractal geometry, which opened a window of understanding into how variety and sameness, innovation and tradition, were allies; as did his early studies of world mythologies and the striking resemblance of cultural narratives around the globe. Today, the verdant, complex Floridian landscape, both human and natural, continues to inspire Nathan’s search for continuity and communion between what he can influence and what he cannot. He has two bodies of work, both meditations on human interaction with space and time. Exit Music explores movement and human will, while Pond’s Edge reflects upon the power of stillness and acceptance.