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Interludes & Encores

We’ve altered the scale with a duet of imaginative and bold outlets.

Hew Parlor & Chophouse

The namesake of Herman Everett Wendell. Classic, chef-driven, show stopping.

Hi-Fi Rooftop Bar

Originally home to WGHB in 1925. Playing equally to locals and visitors alike.

Well-Appointed Rooms & Suites

Welcoming for all, our cozy living spaces are soothing, restful and restorative.

Events Calendar

A playlist that changes daily. Tune in for the latest.

Timeless Rhythm

Home to the area’s first radio station, the building and grounds are alive with vibrant and diverse melodies from years past. From hotel to school and back again, many players have taken their turn, but none have ever lost sight of the soul of the song.

A song distinctive yet never diminished. Discover for yourself what’s kept us moving all along – the timeless rhythm of the Fenway Hotel in Dunedin.

Play In The Moment

Weddings & Events

Once a favorite playground for notables of the era, Fenway remains a preferred social address for special moments.

Set the Tempo

Whatever you’re feeling in the moment, this place has the chops to keep up with your style of play.

Delightful Dunedin

Can you rock a kilt and savor a local craft beer? You’ll be in good company.