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Tuning in to Nathan Mitchell

We had the chance to sit down with the incredible artist headlining the grand finale of our Jazz Summer Concert Series, Nathan Mitchell. Nathan is a Billboard-charting recording artist, multi-instrumentalist, songwriter and producer – he does it all! Nathan will be performing songs from his upcoming album, SoulMate on Sunday, August 25 here at Fenway. You won’t want to miss it! Buy your tickets here.

Fenway Hotel is delighted that we’ll be celebrating your CD Release for SoulMate.  What would you say was your inspiration for this project?

Nathan Mitchell: This project is a dedication to my wife that passed away due to cancer on September 4, 2010 and it’s also a dedication to all the couples in love. Through all the pain, the positive thing is the passion that is about to be shown through the release of this project.

Who collaborated with you on SoulMate, and how did that all come together?

NM: I produced and arranged SoulMate all by myself and played almost all instruments myself. It’s going to be released to my label, ENM Music Group. For this project, I also had the opportunity to collaborate with Gerald Albright – a GRAMMY nominated saxophonist, huge in the jazz world, Marianne Meadows, James Lloyd from Pieces of a Dream, music director Rob Bonner, as well as Jazmin Ghent and Carmen Harrell.

I started working on this project in January of this year and it’s a mix of my own songs with a couple of covers that I really like. I released this project’s first single, Sling City, in March of this year and it’s currently charting at #9 on Billboard; it’s my first top 10 Billboard hit!

What’s the significance behind releasing your CD in the Tampa Bay area?

NM: Tampa Bay has really contributed to my musical growth. I have a lot of family, friends and support here. I’ve travelled to 36 countries in the last five years and I haven’t done a concert or release in the Tampa Bay area. Clearwater and Dunedin have significant meaning to me so I’m very excited to be performing at Fenway Hotel this weekend.

As your evolution as an artist, does SoulMate represent a specific milestone?  Why?

NM: Of course a single from this project breaking the Billboard Top 10 is a huge milestone. However, the ability to release this project is big, ultimately, for me because it represents my complete healing from the grief of losing my spouse. It shows how I’ve matured and grown, as both an artist and an individual; I feel like I’ve moved to another level. I’m expressing everything that has had a negative hold on me in this project and I’m evolving the negative into a positive.

Catch Nathan live from Fenway Hotel on Sunday, August 25! This show kicks off the first leg of his tour up the east coast before he heads out west, then overseas. He’ll be backed up by his band, which he calls The Vibe, and it’s sure to be a swinging good time.

Exclusive copies of SoulMate will be available for purchase for $20 before the album is officially released on September 4. Nathan will also be doing a signing after the show, so make sure to stick around.

Download and stream Nathan Mitchell’s newest project, SoulMate, when it drops on September 4! Available on all platforms.


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